FLOTILLA 10-02, 1st Southern Region
Serving the Hackensack, Passaic and Hudson Rivers
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Flotilla 10-02 members Howard Yap (left) and Peter Byrne (right) practice putting out fires last week at the Boat Crew Academy training in Nutley.
(Photo by Mike Ellis)
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is the civilian component of the United States Coast Guard Forces under the Department of Homeland Security. It was founded in 1939 by an Act of Congress as the US Coast Guard Reserves and re-designated the Auxiliary in 1941. The 39,000 volunteer members donate thousands of hours in support of Coast Guard missions each day.

With the exception of direct law enforcement and military action, the Auxiliary is there, side by side, working with regular and reserve Coast Guard units performing patrols on water, land and air.

Flotilla 10-02 is located on the Hackensack River in Secaucus, NJ. We are attached to USCG Sector NY and are very active in Public Boating Safety Courses, Vessel Safety Checks, Water Patrols, Member Training and Public Affairs.  Please explore our website to learn more about what we do.
The Content of these web pages is unofficial and not authority for action. Views and opinions expressed within do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security or the U.S. Coast Guard. Information may be reprinted except news stories and articles republished from other sources. Commercial use of Coast Guard emblems,logos,or other graphics must be approved by the Commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard. Links to non-Coast Guard or Auxiliary entities are provided for the convenience of our Flotilla members and visitors;they do not, in any way,constitute an endorsment of the linked pages or any commercial or private issues or products presented there.
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Get a Vessel Safety Check Link
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On an average day, the USCG Auxiliary will:
  • Complete 62.5 safety patrols
  • Complete 6.2 regatta patrols
  • Perform 10.2 vessel assists
  • Assist 28 people
  • Save 1 life
  • Save $341,290 in property
  • Participate in 100 operational support missions
  • Participate in 48.7 administrative support missions
  • Complete 13.4 recruiting support missions
  • Educate 369 people on boating safety
  • Perform 299 vessel safety checks
  • Attend 70 public affairs functions
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This page was last updated: July 1, 2008
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